Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Road Apple Roulette Work.
Via GPS satellite, the parade route is sectioned off into 10,000 squares that are each designated a number. If, during the parade, a horse happens to drop a "Road Apple" on your square, your name goes into a drum for the prize drawing at the end of the parade. If you have purchased multiple squares, your name is entered for each square a "Road Apple" happens to hit. Click here for visual

What is the ticket money used for?
The funds raised go to a variety of special causes, events, and charities which include. . . Click here for a full list.

When will the winners be announced?
The announcement of the winners will be held right after the finish of the 4th of July parade. We will post winners on the front of this site as well as notifying them by phone.

Where can I buy tickets?
If you click here, you wil see a list of all the locations tickets are available and a contact number to purchase tickets. Also they will be available the day of the parade along the route where rotary members will be selling them.

Can I buy more than 1 square?
Yes! we encourage you to buy as many as you want for yourself and friends!

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